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Nathan (Taylor Lautner) and high school hottie Karen get assigned to do a report on missing children together and discover Nathan’s picture on a missing children website. Nathan’s world is suddenly turned upside–down as he learns that his parents really aren’t his parents. When the shadowy underworld comes calling, Nathan and Karen must run from the CIA and a dark criminal force while they try to sort out the mystery of Nathan’s past.

ClearPlay In Action!

ClearPlay shortens a passionate kissing scene, trims a couple of immodest swimsuits, and takes the edge off of some violent bits involving guns and fisticuffs. An ‘F’ word, a handful of ‘S’ words, and some other profanity are muted. The movie filters well and is meant for the teen crowd, mostly the female teen crowd.

Should I Abduct this Movie?…

Hello there ladies. Look at your man. Now look at Taylor Lautner. Now back at your man. Now BACK to Taylor Lautner. Sadly, your man isn’t Taylor Lautner . . . but he’s probably a better actor. I’m afraid this film was primarily created to cash in on Team Jacob, so if you’re looking for an opportunity to ogle Taylor Lautner, this one’s for you. The plot gets more ludicrous as the movie progresses, and I’m sorry to say that the script and Lautner’s delivery of it made me laugh out loud more than once (as did the time when he had to sleep in the woods after traversing a river and woke up with picture perfect hair). If you’re not a Lautner fan, I suggest grabbing a nice Bourne movie off the shelf.

Brian Fuller—ClearPlay Ab-viewer

Rated PG-13 for sequences of intense violence and action, brief language, some sexual content and teen partying; 106 min; Directed by John Singleton
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