Family Movie Night Activity-A Christmas Story

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“You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out!”

Some Christmases are never forgotten! Told as some hilarious memories of this Christmas in the 1940’s, you and your family with laugh as you get a look back on Ralph, his family, friends & classmates, their holiday celebrations and mishaps, and everything it takes for a 9yr old boy to try and get an Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle for Christmas!

Movie Snacks
*Ralph’s little brother isn’t the least bit interested in eating his meatloaf, potatoes and gravy until his Mom tells him to eat like a “Little Piggy.” Have a copy cat meal for dinner and maybe even see who can eat their mashed potatoes like a pig the fastest. Wash it all down with some rich, chocolate-y Ovaltine.
*Munch on Flick’s Flagpoles (icy popsicles or pretzel rods dipped in white chocolate), Miss Shield's Fruit Basket, Ralphie’s Fudge and soap shaped chocolate or sugar cookies. If you’re really into this movie, there are official candies you can order and serve at your movie night.
*Lock your doors to keep the neighborhood dogs out and serve up some Turkey. Carve it up, or enjoy turkey sandwiches, turkey gravy, turkey hash or turkey soup since the Parkers didn’t get to.
*If you really want to try and relate with the Parkers, visit or order take-out from your local Chinese restaurant.

Must Pause Moments
*Ralphie imagines being able to defend his family with his new Bee Bee. Would YOU be able to protect your family? Set up some pretend mini robbers around your house (draw or print a picture of a classic robber with a black & white striped shirt and stick paper cups or light weight paper folded in half.) Throw marbles, beans, or even marshmallows if you’re playing inside. Give each person a time limit and see of anyone can get all the bad guys.
*Ralph is so excited to get his decoder ring, he uses it as soon as he can. Come up with a secret message of your own and have your family decode them like Ralphie. Wish them a Merry Christmas or give them a hint about where their gifts are hidden! You can even find places online that will code your messages for you!
*When Ralphie has to model his deranged bunny pajamas for his parents, pause the movie and have your family get into their pajamas. Better yet, have a new pair waiting for each of them and have each person model their new threads. Be sure to send pictures if you decide to give everyone bunnie jammies this year too!

Other Activities
*Mrs. Parker gets Randy ready for school and he ends up looking like a Snowman. Break out a variety of different winter clothes and see who can put it all on the fastest, or take turns seeing who can wear the most items at one time. 
*Miss Shields has the class “Write a theme… What I Want For Christmas” and you could do that with your family as well. Use the same topic to see what your family is really wishing for, or choose your own that will help you get a look at what your family’s favorite Christmas tradition, memory, food/treat, is or what they are most excited to give to someone this year.
*If you love this zany Christmas classic, plan a visit to the REAL Parker home Cleveland, Ohio. The home used to film the movie has been restored, preserved and now offers tours. There is even a museum across the street and a gift shop. In the mean time, ask your family some trivia questions and browse the online gift shop for everything from bunny pajamas & ornaments to leg lamp cookie cutters & party supplies.

*LyndiLou* - Be Sure To Drink Your Ovaltine!

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