Holiday Classic-A Christmas Story

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A Story That May Be For Adults Only!

With only a couple of weeks until Christmas Ralphie (Peter Billingsley) has but one goal in mind: to convince his parents, his teacher, and even Santa Clause himself that the only thing that he wants in the whole wide world is a Red Ryder BB Gun.  Seemingly a simple task except that all the parents and adults seem to think that “you’ll shoot your eye out...” But as each day passes the pressure mounts and Ralphie’s potty-mouth and school yard fighting are not helping his cause.  On Christmas morning as he approaches the tree, chalk full to the brim with anticipation, he looks, but does he see it? is it there? IS IT THERE??
 The way I figure it is that if a movie can be a huge hit back in 1983, and now almost 30 years later still rests in almost every home, it must be something to write home about.  The Christmas Story is just that, a film that continues to stand the test of time! What with the classic one-liners, “You’ll Shoot Your Eye out,” or “Fragile, it’s Italian..” or maybe it’s the insights into Ralphie’s imagination that gives us that sense of nostalgia that only Christmas wishes at such a young age can muster.  Furthermore, it could be the phenomenal acting from such young kids such as Peter Billingsley and his kid brother Randy played by Ian Patrella.  I think it’s all these factors rolled up in one fantastic and classic Holiday movie that every family should have in their Christmas movie collection!

Motherly Advice: Last week we netflixed The Christmas Story and my husband and I watched it without our Clearplay filters and about 40 minutes into the movie neither one of us could stand it any longer.  The swearing and the inappropriate content were all too much.  Funny thing since we watch it every year and what, did we just ignore all of this before? Either way Clearplay saved us! We put the filters on most and the movie was much easier on the ears, er, and eyes! Having said this I shall now list off the things that you’ll still see.  Ralphie beating up on his brother, Ralphie beating up a fellow school mate (although it was one of the bullies, but still!), you’ll still see the infamous leg lamp or as Ralphie so eloquently puts it, “electric sex, gleaming in the window”.  You’ll also see Ralphie shooting the BB gun, once in his imagination and then once when he *spoiler alert* actually does shoot his eye. And lastly and maybe one of the things that bugs me the most is that it’s a Holiday movie and the one part that Santa is in, he is portrayed as a huge jerk, as in pushing and shoving kids off his lap and down the slide! So with your filters on high, you’ll be spared a lot of inappropriate content but I’d still weigh your options in actually showing this film to your younger kiddos.  My husband and I both concluded that it may just be a fun and hilarious film to definitely own, but only to be watched by ages 14 and up. 

Trisha~ Still my #1 favorite part is when Randy is being a pig whilst eating his mashed potatoes! Classic!!

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