Dolphin Tale

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Sawyer is struggling since his Dad left, socially and academically. One day he helps rescue a dolphin washed ashore and injured by a crab trap. He bonds with the dolphin and works with the maritime rescue crew to rehabilitate her. But when the dolphin’s tail has to be amputated and the maritime hospital starts running short of cash, Sawyer and his friends have to find a way to keep the dolphin and hope alive.

ClearPlay In Action!

This is the very definition of a family friendly film and ClearPlay has it easy. There is one D word in a background song and a couple of “goshes,” and that’s about it. Kudos to the film maker for a rare clean movie. Appropriate for the whole family.

Should I Take a Swim with this Dolphin?…

This is a good little film that, despite the utter predictability of it all, manages to entertain and pull a few heartstrings along the way. Based on a true story, the message here is to find healing in helping. Dolphin antics will keep the kids entertained, and the adults will appreciate the challenging mechanics of trying to create a prosthetic dolphin tail. So gather the family around. If you can forgive the occasional cheesy bit, you should have a good time.

Brian Fuller—ClearPlay Dolphin Rehabilitative Expert

Rated PG for some mild thematic elements; 113 min; Directed by Charles Martin Smith
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