Water For Elephants

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In this depression era drama, Jacob, an aspiring veterinarian, loses his parents to a car wreck and finds himself out of a home and out of work. Desperate, he finds a job with a struggling traveling circus, serving as its veterinarian. Jacob falls for the lovely Marlena, the wife of the charismatic but abusive circus owner. As Jacob and Marlena bond while training the circus’s new elephant, they must negotiate the tricky waters of love and self preservation.

ClearPlay In Action!

ClearPlay mutes around twenty five instances of language and some sexual references and trims a sexual encounter. The sparse violence in the movie is mostly fisticuffs, and ClearPlay softens the worst of it. While the movie ClearPlays well, be aware that the central story is about an adulterous love.

Should I Ride this Elephant?…

While a story about a woman in an abusive relationship falling for another man is hardly new, Water For Elephants breathes new life into the tale by setting it against the backdrop of the depression and in the culture of the traveling circus. The cinematography is gorgeous and the performances excellent, especially Christoph Waltz as the volatile circus owner. Elephant lovers and fans of a good dramatic romance will enjoy Water For Elephants.

Brian Fuller—ClearPlay Carnival Barker

Rated PG-13 for moments of intense violence and sexual content; 120 min; Directed By Francis Lawrence
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