Freaky Friday

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Two thumbs up for a family movie night!
Like many Mothers and Daughters, Tess (Jamie Lee Curtis) and Anna Coleman (Lindsay Lohan) lead busy lives without much understanding for each other. They struggle to get along until they wake up in each other’s bodies and are forced to see things from the other’s point of view. They experience one Freaky Friday until they figure out how to set things right again.
I better make sure I don’t argue with my Mom at a Chinese Restaurant.

I had forgotten how funny and just entertaining this movie is. I like how it deals with a very current topic of blended families in a loving and caring way without getting very deep into the topic but touching on the issues that can occur. This is the kind of Disney movie that I will go back and watch with my kids as they get older. Even though Lindsay Lohan has moved on from these wholesome family films she was really good in it. I recommend this one!

Motherly Advice: This movie is rated PG so mostly what was cut was mild language and moments of blasphemy. I had my “Mom Vision” on the whole time watching for things that could be objectionable for young eyes and gladly I found very little. One brief moment was when Anna’s brother was in her room and had tried her bra on while goofing around with some friends, it was more silly than anything. Now Anna is in High School so I was expecting some pretty revealing clothing from the students but even that wasn’t bad besides the few midriffs that you see. Since Mom and Daughter switch spots it puts them in some interesting predicaments so there are some awkward yet humorous parts involving dealing with or avoiding the other ones fiancĂ© or boy interest but again nothing that would be seen as offensive. I think this is a great family film that would be okay for all ages but probably not interesting for kids younger than 8.

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