Hocus Pocus

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"Another glooorious morning...makes me sick!"

In the town of Salem, legend has it that three old Sanderson witches promised to be back from the dead on an All Hallows Eve when someone would light the Black Flame Candle. 300 years later Max Dennison finds himself that someone when he lights the candle as a Halloween cry for attention from the girl of his dreams. Now Winifred (Bette Midler), Mary (Kathy Najimy) and Sarah Sanderson(Sarah Jessica Parker) are back and have only one night to suck the lives out of little children in order to secure their immortality.
Oooooo, what fun! I you talk about true entertainers in the movie industry you're bound to hit on the topic of Bette Midler. She's the real deal in entertainment! I love watching her in this fun movie where her talents as an actress, comedian and musician really shine. True, the youth talent in the movie is terrible, cheesy and classic '90's but Midler easily carries the show on her capable shoulders. She's well supported though by Najimy and Parker who are perfect side kicks for her. Since the filter came out it has become a family Halloween Favorite!

Motherly Advice: I set and kept my filters on High for sexual content and Medium for disturbing content. My biggest thanks to ClearPlay here is editing out the use of the word Virgin over and over in this movie. My daughter is simply not ready to have that discussion of vocabulary and it's sexual reference. It is used over and over because it's supposed to be a virgin who lights the candle.
 The scenes where Billy the Zombie looses his head were chopped off (pun intended) and close ups of the sister's feet as they are hanged were cut. This movie can still be a little intense as the Zombie chases the kids around a cemetery. In the end though the Zombie turns nice and ends up helping the kids defeat the witches.
While the witches are comical and not scary looking they are still  menacing by nature and may frighten really little ones, especially during scenes when they suck the life out of a little girl, try to suck the life out of Max and turn Thackery Binx into a cat. A couple of other scenes that you may want to be wary of are scenes involving Sarah Sanderson (the 'pretty sister'). She wears a bodice the whole movie that doesn't overly advertise her chest line but in the one scene where she is flying on her broom singing to the children of Salem to follow her, there is a lot more cleavage than is necessary or comfortable. However the scene is sort of necessary, so if I were you I'd zip forward about halfway through her song as the cleavage is at it's chestiest at the beginning of her song. Lastly, just a quick little scene with her slow dancing with a married 'devil'. Nothing graphic or terrible, just there. I'd give this movie a go ahead for kids ages 5 or 6 and up.

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