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Oliver has a hard time committing in relationships because he remembers his parents’ unhappy, passionless marriage. When Oliver’s mom dies, his dad reveals his homosexuality and embarks on a new gay relationship with a younger man. Then, when Oliver’s dad dies of cancer, the lonely Oliver finds himself with a new love interest, and he uses his dad’s example of persistence and courage to help him overcome his misgivings about the possibility of lasting love.

ClearPlay In Action!

ClearPlay has a fair amount to do here, including trimming out around 10 F words, about as many religious exclamations, and a handful of other profanities. Nudity and a couple of implied sex scenes are also removed. Viewers should be aware that the film frequently portrays gay affection between and older man and his younger boyfriend and features a relationship between a man and a woman that is sexual with no marriage discussed or even in sight on the horizon.

Should I Begin Beginners?…

While the performances are solid and there are some nice stylistic touches, Beginners felt like a long road to nowhere, particularly in the morals department. While the film tries for a light tone, thematically, the story is weighty, dealing with bad marriages, bad relationships, depression, gay rights, and tolerance. It is certainly not a family friendly film, and caution is urged for those who feel negatively toward gay rights and gay pride as sections of this film promote that agenda.

Brian Fuller—ClearPlay Ender

Rated R for language and some sexual content; 105 min; Directed by Mike Mills
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