Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer

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A Not Bummer Movie

Alright fine it's not even close to summer anymore but my daughter finished this book so we had to rent it because I promised we could if she read the book first. And surprisingly, even though its not summer anymore, this movie was fun anyway.

Judy Moody is smack in the middle of elementary school and facing the end of the year and the beginning of a wonderful summer vacation. Her one and only goal in life is to have a NOT bummer summer with her friends by doing fun things and tallying up 'Thrill Points'. Unfortunately, nothing goes as planned and her attitude gets worse and worse. Will this be a bummer summer after all, or will Judy be able to have fun in spite of everything?

This is such a cute movie. Jordana Beatty is fabulous as Judy and I loved watching her be dramatic all over the place (sort of reminded me of my own childhood). The parts with Bigfoot hunters were hilarious and Stink (Parris Mosteller) was great with his little boy annunciations of everything. I really don't have anything profound to say about this flick, it was just really fun. I had no problem watching it twice with the kids before returning it to Redbox and liked that it taught the kids to have a better attitude about things and to just have fun wherever and whenever you can even if things don't go as planned.

Motherly Advice: With filters set to Medium on language and vulgarity the things that were cut out were mainly topics of scat. Or, as you'll learn the definition in the movie...poop. Yes, poop. Stink collects samples of poop from Bigfoot and some of it lands on the table where Judy's aunt is making sandwiches. She ends up accidentally squishing the poop into the sandwiches and later they almost eat those very poopy sandwiches. An email read aloud by Judy talking about the 'Poop Picnic' is filtered out. Also filtered is one segment when Judy shows Stink all the chewed up food in her mouth.  So, basically these were all things I see about 37 times before lunch on a regular basis. Another filtered moment is when Judy's friend barfs on her on the roller coaster. The barf however, is just blue and not lumpy or disgusting. When we watched this the second time without filters my husband and I laughed hysterically at this part...so immature I know.
One thing not able to be filtered that you'd probably like to be aware of is Aunt Opal's (Heather Grahm) outfits. While she doesn't dress sexy at all, her outfits are pretty immodest in my opinion. Very short shorts in some scenes, halter top in one and spaghetti straps in others. Not really any cleavage or midriffs, like I said it's not a sexy wardrobe but she does show quite a bit of skin. Judy herself though is very modest and a delightful tombody.
Lastly, there is a large part where our characters are hunting and chasing Bigfoot around. While my five year old son wasn't scared at all by this, our 4 year old neighbor got a little bit freaked out. However, he does have some minor fears about Bigfoot so take this with that little grain of salt. Bigfoot ends up being a guy dressed up as Bigfoot.

Danielle'- Bigfoot Non Believer

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