Larry Crowne

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In Larry Crowne, Tom Hanks plays the title character, a retail store employee who gets laid off for lack of higher education and must go to college to be a viable job candidate. His first teacher at community college is a bored, disappointed instructor (Julia Roberts) who dislikes her work and is stuck in an unhappy marriage. As Crowne immerses himself in his youthful environment, the teacher finds herself more intrigued and attracted to her older student.

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The PG–13 Larry Crowne is mostly innocent stuff, but a few scenes involve discussions of internet porn and brief strong language. A character disrobes to his briefs, and there are indiscreet images of bikini–clad women, but ClearPlay handles these instances with aplomb. Approximately 20 to 30 pieces of profanity are cut. Infidelity is also broached, but ClearPlayed, Larry Crowne is appropriate for most audiences.

Will a list of great movies sport this Crowne?…

Larry Crowne is a small, sweet movie that feels all wrong because of the stature of the actors involved. We’re accustomed to seeing Hanks and Roberts in larger–than–life movies, not as run–of–the-mill characters with nothing particularly amazing to do. As a result, the material seems below them. Nevertheless, Larry Crowne is harmless enough, and though the humor is cloying at times, it’s a nice enough diversion, especially for fans of the actors.

Marty Nabhan—ClearPlay Perpetual Student

Rated PG-13 for brief strong language and some sexual content.; 98 min; Directed By Tom Hanks/p>

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