Tweens & Teens Movie Night Activity - The Burbs

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Want to find out what  happens when you have a typical suburb full of neighbors that are extra good at keeping an eye on each other… and some new and creepy neighbors move in? Then you’ll definitely want to watch this fun and spooky Tom Hanks classic with your Tween & Teens. With ClearPlay to clean it up and these fun activities to enjoy, you’ll be ready to make an event of your next Movie Night!

Wear While Watching:
*Halloween is the season for dressing up, so why not have a Character Copycat night. Like a “How To Host  a Murder” party, you could assign out the different characters to your guests or family members and have them each dress up like them. Some options are Walter/Queenie, Mr & Mrs Rums field, Ricky & friends, Ray & his wife, Art, and the Klopeks.
*Since a lot of this movie is about fitting in to a neighborhood norm of sorts, you could have a family or neighborhood copycat evening instead. Give each person the name of someone else who will be there and tell them to come dressed like them. You’ll have fun seeing your daughter wearing an oversized t-shirt and basketball shorts like her brother and you know she’ll laugh when she sees her Dad wearing a long braided wig so he looks more like her.

Home Theater Décor:
*The Klopeks home stands out BIG time in their neighborhood. For movie night, decorate your home to look like a run down, haunted house. Make things look dusty and broken and be sure to add the finishing touch of a number ‘666’ house marker.
*The whole neighborhood has quite the routine and plenty of consistency to their lives and homes. See if your family or guests are used to the way things are at your house. Make some changes to your home like switching pictures on the wall, moving furniture, or even get to that painting project you’ve been meaning to do and see if anyone notices. You could turn it into a game and see who recognizes the most changes or things out of  place.

Movie Munchies:
*When Art comes over to talk to Ray about the Klopeks he makes himself right at home at the Breakfast table and even gets into the fridge for more. Serve up a spread worthy of Art’s appetite with pancakes & syrup, sausage, waffles, bacon, pineapple, apples, eggs and even ribs!
*When everyone is visiting the Klopeks they are offered sardines and pretzels. Ray is the unlucky one who has to eat them. You can be extreme and have sardines and pretzels for your movie night, or make things a little more palatable by serving your favorite fish dish or dip or go sweet with Swedish fish or fish shaped cookies.

Movie Inspired Adventures:
*Ricky and his friends love people watching so much, they make an evening of it all. Grab your lawn chairs, order some pizza and see what interesting things you see by keeping a closer eye on your neighborhood for a little while.
*If you’re hosting a party and need a game for everyone to play, set up a crazy neighborhood obstacle course. Include events like the garbage bag squish, grave digger scoop, garbage bag dump and throw, two person double-doorbell ring, and the can crush. Break into teams and see who can conquer The Burbs for themselves.
*When the women get involved in trying to “get to know” the Klopeks they make brownies for them. Make some of your own favorite treats and take them to some of your neighbors. Be sure not to drop them at the door before you actually give them to them though!

*LyndiLou* ~ Movie Mom Whose Furnace Does NOT Go To Up 5000 Degrees

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