Halloween Favorite- The Young Frankenstein

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Hopefully you Vill enjoy Zis film

Frederick Frankenstein (“that’s Fronkensteen”), after years spent distancing himself from his family’s infamous past, inherits his Grandfather Victor’s castle in Transylvania. Upon his arrival in Transylvania he is met by his two assistants Igor and Inga (played by Marty Feldman and Teri Garr, respectively). Frederick eventually succumbs to his “destiny” and sets off to pick up where his Grandfather left off, reanimating a dead body; although he tries to make his creation a more sophisticated, intelligent supernatural being he discovers that he instead has planted an abnormal (“Abby someone?”) brain in the monster. This sets off the townsfolk (who already distrust the name Frankenstein) in to a frenzied mob, bent on destroying the ogre.

This spoof on classic horror films is one of my husband’s favorite movies so I figured I ought to check it out for myself.  At times I felt like I was missing something while watching it because he would be laughing out loud and I found myself saying “What is so funny”?  It had very predictable humor and some of it I found amusing but never laugh out loud funny.  The cast was fun to watch though because each person played their role perfectly in this mad scientist “comedy”.  I was surprised to see that this was in black and white but loved that it was since it gave a truer classic feel.  Mel Brook’s directed this film with a star studded cast that includes Gene Wilder, Peter Boyle, Cloris Leachman, Garr and Feldman.  If you enjoyed Airplane, Blazing Saddles or maybe even Spaceballs this might be up your humor alley.  Even though I didn’t find it hilarious it was a silly no-thought-needed movie to watch.  

Motherly Advice:  With my filters set to medium, language, blasphemy and a couple of implied sexual encounters were filtered out thanks to ClearPlay.  A couple of things that you will still see are a scene after “a role in the hay” type encounter and innuendos of a sexual nature. 

Hannah A fun fact about this movie is the group Aerosmith went to see this and a line in the movie by Igor named their hit song “Walk this Way”.

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