Halloween Favorite- Corpse Bride

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Eye Popping Fun

The creepy trio (Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton) are together in this Halloween favorite. Victor and Victoria are destined (by their greedy parents) to be married whether they like it or not. But just as soon as they decide that they like it, Victor accidentally marries himself to the lovely and decrepit Emily...the corpse bride. Will it be death that parts them or life that helps them see things selflessly.

We watched this (filtered) for the first time with the kids last night ages 8, 5 and 2. All eyes and ears were riveted on the gory and deliciously festive, Halloween screen. Of course Burton's animation is hypnotising and weirdly wonderful. The music was fun but slightly annoying and the plot was simple and romantic. For a perfect Halloween Family movie that will have the kids spooked but not terrified this one was a great pick for us, the kids loved it and so did I!

Motherly Advice: I hiked up my filters to most for the kids on this since my 5 year old is a little squeamish on the Scary Scale. The worst thematic issue with the film is the situation of how the corpse bride became a corpse. Her fiance killed her while she waited in the forest for him to elope with her. This is all non-graphic and we don't even know how he killed her, his shadow just sort of swallows her up and some kids may miss what happened anyway.  ClearPlay filters can only cut out so many scary images on a movie meant to be sort of scary. So, we saw lots of skeletons, corpses, a maggot, a head carried around by cockroaches, black birds and ugly people. Lots of rolling eyeballs and the corpse bride herself looses her eye several times and we see her maggot friend peaking out through her empty eye socket. Yes I know, this all sounds terrible, but it's really farely non-gory and it just depends on your kids. Can they handle Tim Burton animation and story? My sensitive 5 year old did pretty darn well with it, he was tense at parts but not terrified and had no bad dreams or difficulties going to bed. If your nervous, I think you're completely safe with kids 8 and older.

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