'Tis the Season!

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It's October!!!
In my humble (but correct) opinion October is the start of the three most fun months of the year! It's time for crisp weather to roll in, hoodies and sweaters to be dusted off and delicious soup recipes to be fished out of the cookbooks. Plus, in October we get to act silly with the kids by dressing up for Halloween and eating treats. Or, as I learned last year, some of our viewers spend their Halloween nights snuggled up tight and cozy in their houses with the lights low so they can hide out watching movies...and eating treats.

This month we're going to add to our Halloween Favorites List with weekly installments of spooky movies. We're going to try our very hardest to review the ones we think you might like in both the Adult category and the Family Fun category with Movie Night Activities from Lyndi. I'm also feeling a giveaway coming on soon!

Go to our already growing list of Halloween Favorites to see what's already on there.

Danielle'- Your Seasoned Movie Witch
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