Halloween Favorite- The Others

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Who Are They, And What Do They Want??

Nicole Kidman stars in one of my all-time favorite spooky movies, The Others.  Grace lives in an old mansion with her two young children while her husband is away at war.  The children are photosensitive and therefore must NEVER be exposed to direct sunlight.  This means that at all times, curtains are drawn and doors are shut and locked.  In a desperate measure of sanity, Grace hires an older couple to help with the cooking and cleaning so that she can keep constant supervision of the children.  But with the arrival of the new couple, things start going awry, doors open when no one has touched them, and secrets revealed that will shock and unravel the tightly wound Grace.  She alone must decide how far she’s willing to go to save herself and children from the world beyond the walls of the old mansion and The Others.   
 In 2001 The Others was a box-office hit and has since died down in it’s popularity.  I blame this on the over-stimulated, over-slasherized thrillers that are made now a decade later.  The beauty of The Others is that it is dark and mysterious and subtle and basically a perfect setting to sit down and get scared out of your wits without seeing insane little children jumping through TV’s to kill their victims, or creepy middle aged men standing outside the window awaiting their next blond victim.   The film makes you think the entire time and when the credits roll you are left sitting in your seat, jaw dropped to the floor at the unbelievably clever and suspenseful ending.  Nicole Kidman is ridiculously incredible at playing a woman wound so tight that you have to wonder if/when she’s going to explode.  A movie that is a work of scary art to anybody who watches it, you’ll definitely want to add it to your Halloween movie collection!

Motherly Advice: I had my filters set on low for this one and was spared one pretty steamy make-out scene that occurs when Grace’s husband returns from war.  Other than that the main thing to monitor for your youngsters is the creepy factor.  There are two very jumpy parts where even after seeing The Others umpteen million times, I still jump right out of my seat! Also, there is a lot of subtle paranormal content so if ghost movies give your kids nightmares, watch this one when they are in bed!  I would recommend this film for more mature teens, 15+.

Trisha~ Can anyone guess the two movies I mention in the second paragraph?

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