Henry's Crime

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On DVD, you’re much more likely to take a chance with a movie that, in the theater at eight bucks a pop, would be unforgiven. Henry’s Crime is that type of movie. Keanu Reeves plays Henry, an aimless individual stuck in a prison of his own creation who inadvertently gets arrested for a crime he knew nothing about. After doing his time, Henry finds meaning in life as he decides to commit the crime he did time for originally. James Caan plays Henry’s inmate buddy who’s comfortable with life in the pen until enlisted by Henry to help with the crime on the outside. Vera Farmiga plays an emotionally distant B–level actress who tries not to fall for Henry.

ClearPlay In Action!

Henry’s Crime received its R rating for language, though ClearPlay also trims scenes of intercourse. Interestingly, much of the edited language in Henry’s Crime comes not from the cons and criminals, but from Farmiga’s salty actress. Even after ClearPlaying, it’s probably not the best choice for pre–teens, as it seems to justify crime.

Is it a crime to miss Henry?…

Henry’s Crime works mostly thanks to Farmiga and Caan, whose performances are fun and believable. The movie isn’t a completely satisfying viewing experience, but there are several nice moments in the film, enough to give it a chance on a slow TV night.

Marty Nabhan— ClearPlay Caper Expert

Rated R for language; 108 min; Directed By Malcolm Venville
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