Batman: Under The Red Hood

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There’s A New Cartoon Kingpin In Town!

Gotham City is once again in peril, only this time Batman (voice of Bruce Greenwood) isn’t the only vigilante willing to risk his life to cut the crime rate.  Meet….The Red Hood (voice of Jensen Ackles).  Not unlike Batman, The Red Hood is fearless, powerful, has an uncanny collection of gadgets, and also wants the bad guys of Gotham done away with.  But one thing separates the two heroes, The Red Hood isn’t afraid to take lives where Batman catches the bad guys and throws them in jail.  This moral dilemma is what leads Batman to make a difficult choice, stop the Red Hood from killing, even if they are the worst of criminals, or turn a blind eye on this ruthless dark hero that lives Under The Red Hood.

I’ve decided that Hollywood is bringing the world of animation to an entirely new  level! I’m used to watching cartoons that have the intensity level of a 4 year old, but viewers beware, Batman: Under the Red Hood is definitely a more “mature” cartoon.  The storyline was intriguing and complex, the voice-overs were incredible, and the stunts were nothing to scoff at.  There were parts where I was actually holding my breath in anticipation of what was going to happen…yes I know, a cartoon!! For a fun comic book hero movie for the younger teens, you may want to give Under The Red Hood a whirl.

Motherly Advice: I had my filters set on low for everything, what can I say, I thought it was a cartoon so how bad could it possibly be?  Well folks, it was bad.  There were at least 100 swear words that were filtered as well as some very gory fighting scenes. At one point I thought my Clearplayer was skipping the disk because I couldn’t imagine a cartoon fight scene being that violent, so I rewound and watched one particular scene without a filter and trust me, it was unbelievably graphic and bloody and really uncomfortable to watch.  Aren’t cartoons supposed to be fun and lighthearted?  So as long as your filters are set on medium this film is perfectly appropriate for ages 13+ and up but don’t turn off those filters, you’ll find your jaw on the ground wondering what is happening to the innocence of the world!!

Trisha~ Worlds collided after watching Under the Red Hood, and I’m not sure I’ll ever be the same again!!

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