Tweens & Teens Movie Night Activity - Ghostbusters

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" you smell something?"
If there’s something strange in your neighborhood, I’m pretty sure you know who to call… The Ghostbusters, right? While these guys chase and catch ghosts all over town, you and your family can laugh your way through another great Movie Night. Trying to decide if this movie is good for your kids, then check out the review here. With these fun ideas, you’ll be able to enjoy the show whether it’s the first time you’ve seen it or the 100th!

Wear While Watching:
*The Ghostbusters would be out of business if there were ghosts and other strange creatures for them to catch. Have your family members dress up like different ghosts from the movie, other classic ghouls or just let them invent their own paranormal personages.
*If you want to be a Ghostbuster, you need to dress the part. Break out the jumpsuits and ghostly vacuum packs. If you don’t happen to have a Proton Pack lying around turn it into part of your movie night to make your own.

Home Theater Décor:
*Decorate your living room or family room like the Library where the Ghostbusters meet their first real ghost. Hang books and library cards from the ceiling with fishing line. Go the extra mile by putting ghostly goo around the room as well. Consider using gel window clings for a good gooey look without all the mess. A fun party favor would be containers of play or candy slime.
*If you’re going all out and decorating multiple rooms, make your kitchen look like Dana’s apartment complete with fried eggs on the counter and a big scary creature in the fridge.

Movie Munchies:
*If you’d rather eat fried eggs than decorate with them, cook some up for your family or guests. Be sure to have some Stay-Puft marshmallows for everyone to enjoy as well.
*If one of your favorite characters is Louis, Dana’s goofy neighbor then enjoy some smoked salmon and bottled water for dinner.
*Honor the iconic Slimer by creating a green-themed Slimer Dinner in his honor. On your menu include green spinach noodles with green pesto sauce, green salad and green cilantro ranch dressing, green jello, or lime sherbet for dessert and green koolaid to drink.
*Make Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man Treats (Rice Krispie Treats) or toasted marshmallows to show that you are just as good as the Ghostbusters at vanquishing over-sized marshmallows!

Movie Inspired Adventures:
*If you’re making an event of movie night, play the game “Guess What’s On the Card” like Dr. Venkman uses for his scientific research. Instead of using shock-treatment, give Shock Tarts to those that try and have an extra special treat or surprise for anyone that really has a Sixth Sense and gets one right!
*Louis says he took a “20 min workout video played it back on high speed so it only takes 10 minutes”. Turn this into a game by playing a workout or dance video on high speed and see who can keep up the best.
*When the Ghostbusters destroy the Giant Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man, they get covered in marshmallow goo. Break out the shaving cream or whipped cream and build silly sculptures or decorate each other. Be sure to take pictures and share all the fun on our Facebook page.

*LyndiLou* - Movie Mom Who Doesn't Want To Meet a Real Ghost

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