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Depending on your age, Prom, is either a look forward or a look back to the ultimate high school dance, the pinnacle of romance or heartbreak. The movie follows several intertwined stories of love, longing, and agonizing as boys and girls try to line up that special someone for the most special of special nights.

ClearPlay In Action!

This is a clean movie with no nudity, sex, or drinking (a pleasant surprise for a movie about prom). It does have a number of religious exclamations and a couple minor swear words that ClearPlay will take care of for you. All ages could watch it, though younger children might not understand what all the fuss is about.

Should I Get a Date for Prom?…

Like Beastly, this film is aimed at the teen/tween crowd, but unlike Beastly, Prom didn’t make me want to go do my taxes. Yes, it’s utterly predictable. Yes, it is a bit cheesy and sappy. Yes, it over–romanticizes prom. And yes, it deals heavily in stereotypes. But it has a sweet personality, is clean, and has enough drama and light–hearted humor to make it so parents don’t regret watching it with their kids. At the very least, your high school student can get some ideas on asking someone out.

Brian Fuller—ClearPlay Under the Stars Organizer

Rated PG for mild language and a brief fight;104 min; Directed By Joe Nussbaum
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