ClearPlay Classic: What About Bob

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Dr. Leo Marvin (Richard Dreyfus) who is a successful psychiatrist, author and family man seems to have it all.  He is loving life when a fellow colleague refers a patient to him that has the power to send Dr. Marvin over the edge.  His once perfect world seems to be inundated by Bob Wiley (Bill Murray), an obsessive compulsive but persuasive individual.  Bob, who attaches himself quickly to people, cannot handle that Dr. Marvin and family head out of town for their summer vacation.

This movie is hilarious and it makes me laugh out loud.  Sure, Bob’s character can be annoying but that is what is so funny about it.  Bill Murray plays a terrific crazy guy that everyone seems to love except Dr. Marvin.  But as good as Murray is, without Dreyfus, and his obvious full of rage facial expressions that progress subtly in the movie, it may not have the same chemistry.   It’s hard to know who to feel sorry for at times Bob or Dr. Marvin.  Bob somehow has won over the Marvin family which further enrages Dr. Marvin and brings him to the point to try “Death Therapy” on Bob.  That is a pretty funny scene because everything seems to backfire on Dr. Marvin when it comes to eradicating Bob from his life.   This is a family favorite that we find to be very quotable in our house.

Motherly Advice:  I don’t have much to say in a negative way because there wasn’t much to be concerned about.  There is one scene where Bob talks about Tourette’s syndrome and does an awful lot of swearing that ClearPlay takes care of.  It is a very funny movie that really is good for the whole family.

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