Madea's Big Happy Family

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Tyler Perry is a savvy, successful filmmaker who specializes in comedies loaded with African American caricatures. In Madea’s Big Happy Family, another entry in the popular Madea series, Perry plays the title character who is godmother to an extended, dysfunctional family that is unaware their matriarch is dying of cancer. Madea is called upon to help resolve the family’s relationship and discipline problems before the matriarch passes.

ClearPlay In Action!

Most of the work ClearPlay does in Madea has to do with language: scattered profanity, bawdy humor, and the occasional anatomical reference. Still, it may not be appropriate for all family members due to the intense family discord, drug allusions, and general disrespect.

Will I be happy I sat down with Madea’s Family?…

Perry bounces quickly between humor and tragedy after introducing us to some infuriatingly unlikable characters. The schizophrenic nature of the story makes Madea an uncomfortable viewing experience. Though there are many nice individual moments in the film, you may feel unduly manipulated to laugh one moment and cry the next, undermining the movie’s overall effect. If you’re a big Perry fan, go for it. Otherwise, tread with caution.

Marty Nabhan— ClearPlay Family Man

Rated PG-13 for drug content, language and some mature thematic material; 106 min; Directed By Tyler Perry
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