Jumping the Broom

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Two very different families are forced together for a weekend of celebration as a son and daughter prepare to get married. Sabrina (Paula Patton) comes from a family with old money, Jason (Laz Alonso) comes from a single mom who works at the post office and has serious problems letting go of her son. Tempers rise, arguments flare...and all the usual emotions.

It's true, it does sound like the story we've seen a million times before and it is, but I wasn't completely miserable watching this. I thought a lot of the characters were neatly drawn out and different relationships represented in a quick but deep and effective way. Paula Patton drove me nuts the first part of the film (she has this way of whining and tilting her head up that makes me crazy annoyed) but then she toned down a little and I kind of actually enjoyed the rest of it. It's not really a comedy so you wont be laughing a lot and it's not a super down drama either so you wont be crying (although there are a few cheesy moments).  I suppose if you have nothing else pressing on your movie list then go ahead and try it, at the very least you'll get to find out what 'Jumping the Broom' even means.

Motherly Advice: With filters set to medium I saw only some loving kisses but not even any implied sex. Although it is talked about that a woman had a baby when she was 16. Some language was trimmed neatly out and some heavy kissing but even with filters the topic you'll want to stay concerned about is the dress. Plenty of short, short skirts and low, low necklines (more like chest lines) and two shots of a woman in a bikini. Also one scene of the men playing ball with their shirts off. If the modesty issue doesn't bother you then this should be fine for ages 13 and up, otherwise keep it to kids you can talk to about clothing choices.

Danielle'- Can Ya' Jump The Vacuum? 

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