ClearPlay Classic- Sneakers

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Not Just Your Old Tennis Shoes

After the government hires a group of wild-cat computer hackers to steal a mysterious black box, and deliver it to them, the pack leader--Martin Bishop (Robert Redford), discovers that the box contains a universal code breaking machine that could have devastating impact on the whole world--depending on whose hands it falls into. So--the chase is on, but who are the good guys and who are...not?

What a fun movie this was--especially seeing so many fabulous actors in their prime. Besides Redford we also have Ben Kingsley, River Phoenix, Sidney Poitier, Dan Aykroyd, David Strathairn, Mary McDonnell and James Earl Jones. Phew! What a busload of talent. This would be a great family "old-tech" action film for 10 and up--although you may have to explain some of the older electronic devices to your kids. But even that was fun.

Motherly Advice: Clear Play didn't have too much to tackle with this one--an attempted love scene that is more silly than anything, and doesn't go anywhere and a bit of mild language. That's it, and you're free to spend the evening with some amazing people--and your family too!

Launi-- Movie Mom who is apparently still in love with Robert Redford...after all these years

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