Henry's Crime

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If you did the time, you might as well have done the crime

Henry Torne, (Keanu Reeves) a toll booth operator who works the graveyard shift, seems to have a lackluster view on life.  He just kind of exists. One morning after his shift he is coerced by a couple of friends to fill in at a baseball tournament because they are a man down.  Instead of baseball he finds himself in the driver’s seat of the getaway car for a bank robbery he knew nothing about.  Refusing to give the names of the real culprits he takes the fall and is sentenced to 3 years in prison. When released from prison he targets the bank where it all started.

Don’t expect a fast paced, action filled movie, it was very slow going in parts.  Keanu Reeves plays a pretty uneventful guy that doesn’t stand up for himself, when he owes nothing to the guilty parties, which I was frustrated about.  His relationships with Max (James Caan), his cellmate and Julie (Vera Farmiga), his love interest, keep you intrigued about what is to come next since their characters have screen appeal.  I wish, as in other heist movies (like Ocean’s 11 and The Italian Job which I loved), it would have had a bigger build up around the heist itself.  The acting is good, except for Reeves, he is the only character you are not sure what he is all about and he has no charisma.  Some movies are just okay, that kind of sums up this movie for me.

Motherly Advice:  After ClearPlay filtered the language there was only a mildly violent scene involving a gun but nothing graphic.  The real issue is around choosing criminal behavior without much of a moral compass.

HannahI wish they would have cast Robert Downey Jr. instead.

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