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Who Does YOUR Heart Belong With?

Bob and Grace had gone through a lot when they meet each other; Bob was married and lost his wife in an accident and Grace had many limitations due to health problems, leading to a heart transplant. When they meet each other, they seem like the perfect match until they find out more about each other's past. Are they really meant to be? Find out with your own sweetheart with the sweet and playful show and fun activities and ideas for the perfect Date Night.
For Fun:
*Elizabeth works at the Zoo where she takes special care of a gorilla named Sydney. Take your date to the Zoo and decide which animal would be your favorite to work with. Be sure to visit the monkey house!
*Grace loves riding her bike. Go for a leisurely bike ride with your sweetheart and  you might find that you enjoy it just as much as she does.
*Grace, Bob and the whole gang go bowling together. Bob is just learning and doesn’t do so well, but they all still have fun anyway. Get a group together and go bowling as part of your date night.

For Dinner:
*Bob is always ordering Chinese take-out. Have some delivered to your place to enjoy a dinner like Bob.
*Grace’s Grandpa and close friend run an Irish & Italian restaurant. If you can find one of those around (good luck!) enjoy a lovely dinner there before the show.  If you can’t find a restaurant that serves both, choose your favorite of the two and dine out there.
*If an evening in sounds more appealing, cook up your best Italian or Irish dinner. Consider making some of the specials from O’Reillys like Chicken Vesuvio, a Corned Beef & Cabbage SoufflĂ©, Spinach Ravioli or Shepherd’s Pie. 

Going the Extra Mile:
*Sydney the Great Ape knows some American Sign Language. Look up the ASL alphabet with your date and learn how to sign each others names and any other special words that matter to the two of you.
*If you decide to eat in, turn your dining room into O’Reillys restaurant. Use checkered tablecloths and put candles on the table. Think about hanging a sign with the restaurant name on it and even print up a couple menus.
*Is there someone you have been meaning to thank? Is there someone who would love to hear from you? Grab a few cards or stationary, envelopes and pens and write some thank you notes with your date. You could even write a note to each other and mail them to make the fun of this date night last a few days longer.

Over The Top:
*If you’re in Chicago or plan on visiting there sometime, check out the real restaurant that was used for O’Reillys called “Twin Anchors.”
*Planning a trip to Italy sometime in the future? Why not break the news to your sweetheart by watching this movie then presenting the good news when Bob & Grace meet again in Italy! 

*LyndiLou* - Movie Mom That Could Watch This Movie 100 Times In A Row
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