The Warrior's Way

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A New Spin On the Old Classic Western!

Yang (Dong-Gun Jang) is the best swordsman in the world….ever. He is ruthless and unwavering, until he is assigned a mission that goes against even his own meager moral compass. Yang refuses the mission and instead finds a small western town to hide out and make a new life for himself. Everything is going smoothly, until a woman named Lynne (Kate Bosworth) changes his life. He must decide if he can change his assassination lifestyle for one of love.

The Warrior’s Way was definitely on my list to see…someday. As in, someday when there's absolutely nothing else to see whatsoever. So yes, I had some pretty low expectations for this film, but it caught my attention from the first 2 minutes and kept it until the credits rolled.
 It’s a spaghetti-western meets the samurai sword. Dong-Gun Jang is evidently a mega-star over in Asia and I think it’s about time we saw him on our big screen. He’s incredibly talented! Kate Bosworth was luke-warm in this film. I think her western accent came off as cheesy and her acting was just cheap. My favorite part of this movie was the cinematography. It reminded me of watching classics such as The NeverEnding Story, or The Dark Crystal. The sky is never bright blue but looks like a still-life painting that actually moves and somehow looks real. My recommendation is to ignore the bad reviews this film received and give The Warrior’s Way a whirl, you might be as pleasantly surprised as I was!

Motherly Advice: I had my filters set on medium, except for the violence I actually set it to least because my husband loves the samurai sword fighting. I was ok with these setting because I was spared some swear words. But with the violence setting on least I saw a LOT of blood and gore! I’m not sure how long the movie would be on the medium or most setting for violence because 75% of this movie is either sword fighting, or gun shooting. So if blood and bodies being sliced in half doesn’t bother you then I would recommend this movie, but I would say it’s only for ages 16+.

Trisha~ I may now be a convert to loving Samurai sword movies!

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