ClearPlay Classic: Forever Young

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In honor of Romance Awareness Month--I give you: Forever Young starring Mel Gibson, Elijah Wood, and Jamie Lee Curtis

Daniel McCormick is a pre-WWII test pilot with the whole world in his pocket. He has the perfect job, the perfect best friend, and the perfect girl--that he's about to propose to--if he could just get up the nerve. But after a tragic accident the love of his life is pronounced hopelessly brain dead, so he volunteers to be the guinea pig in a human cryogenic experiment for one year. Somehow the project is forgotten and Dan finds himself accidentally brought back to life--not one---but 50 years later by a couple of kids playing in a warehouse. Elijah Wood, will melt your heart as the father-figure starved Josh who saves Daniel's life--several times--so that, hopefully, it can begin again. Now Daniel's on a frantic search to find his old friend and figure out his place in this brash new world before his time runs out.

Even though our hero is displaced, confused and heart broken, it's still refreshing to see a man use expletives like, "Oh, brother!" and "Gosh!" as he defends a lady's honor, chases off the bad guy, and remains the perfect gentleman---all while running for his life. Incredibly sweet and perfectly romantic, but entertaining enough for the whole family.

Motherly Advice: ClearPlay will help with the backside shot of Daniel when he first gets out of the capsule and with the couple of swear words scattered here and there. There is a scuffle between Josh's mom and an old boyfriend that doesn't go too far and a chivalrous guy fight afterwards that some might be sensitive to, but that I found very satisfying. Forever Young is great for 8 and up--they'll love this one.

Launi--Movie Mom who thinks Mel Gibson's gorgeous eyes have to be photoshopped.

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