Captain America: The First Avenger

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Close, But No Salute

The stage for this film is set in 1942 during WWII when every eligible young man is encouraged to enlist in the army. Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) is a short and scrawny little guy with every health problem in the book but he has the spirit of the best kind of soldier any army could ask for. It is this quality that gets him accepted into the experimental program 'Project Rebirth'. He is 'reborn' into a body that is strong and in many ways superhuman, allowing him to fight for his country and friends the way he's always wanted to.

I liked it. You wont see me shouting from the roof tops that it's the best comic book movie ever made since Spiderman, Batman and Thor but it was good. I've been hearing people gushing over how amazing it was and maybe that's why I wasn't more wowed, because I was expecting to be floored with immense portions of the wow factor. The effects were amazing. It truly was incredible how they made Chris Evans look so scrawny and little. He really looked like a twelve year boy.

There was lots of patriotic cheese in this film which would normally annoy me but for Captain America it totally fit. That time period, the patriotism and comic book flare made it work. I was just disappointed in the lack of really awesome fight scenes you'd expect from a movie like this. I mean there were some but instead of going into detail about their stealthy, super cool missions, there was just a 'fluffy' war montage. Plus, while there were a few chuckle moments there wasn't a whole lot of humor in there. Maybe I'm just bitter because Stanley Tucci didn't have more screen time but I thought the movie was good, not great and Chris Evans does get a gold star for his performance, he made a great Captain America.

Motherly Advice: There is no sex in this movie but lots of fighting and battle scenes. There are some portions of the movie where Captain America dances with '40's style costumed dancers with short skirts and a bit of cleavage while doing the can-can and one scene with a bunch of shirtless men who have just gotten physicals. One scene implies that a man is about to moon Captain America but you don't actually see his dairier. The villain Red Skull is a little bit scary with his red face and cavernous nose and with the fighting and violence (one scene in particular where someone falls into a plane propeller and we see the bloody spray) I'd keep this movie (un-filtered) to teens 14 and older. ClearPlay will clean up some swearing and violence mostly when the movie comes out on dvd.

Danielle'- Move Reviewer With a Plan

P.S. If you see this in theaters do NOT forget to stay through all the credits. You'll not be disappointed with the preview you'll see for The Avengers.

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