Skipped Flick- The Hudsucker Proxy

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A Favorite Hidden Gem

ClearPlay just developed a filter for The Hudsucker Proxy last week and let me just tell you I couldn't hardly wait to do a review for it! I have been gushing praise for this movie ever since I saw it for the first time about 10 years ago. Even then it was considered old, having come out it 1994 (what can I say, I've always had mature taste in films).

 The President of Hudsucker Industries, Waring Hudsucker, is dead. Sidney Mussburger (Paul Newman) is the head of the board of directors and proposes that they find a real moron to take over as President, someone who will do a lousy job and run the stock prices of the company right down to the ground so that the board members can then buy those stocks for pennies on the dollar. They need a president who's a real imbecile. Someone they can really push around. Someone like Norville Barnes (Tim Robbins). But they'll get more than they bargained for when it comes to the 'Idea Man'.

This film is SO much quirky fun! It's a Coen Brothers film (they are also known for writing Raising Arizona, True Grit and O Brother, Where Art Thou?). The whole story and movie style is a tribute to '30's films where the colors are kind of brownish, the dialogue pretty fastish and the acting over the topish. The real gem in this film is Jennifer Jason Leigh playing the fast talking, career gal journalist Amy Archer. She is phenomenal and steals the show. You'll see quite a few famous actors in here that weren't so famous back then (Peter Gallager for example) and you'll especially enjoy all the puns and quotable quotes and scenes. Or at least I did.

Motherly Advice: The filters you'll really want here are the language filters. Not there is a ton of language to cut out, there just isn't much of anything else to cut out. What you'll want to be careful of with younger kids is the topic of committing suicide. At the beginning of the movie the president of the company jumps out the window and falls to his (non-graphic) death. It was played out in a very comedic, 'lighthearted' sort of way but still, he jumped out a window and killed himself. Then later in the movie another character tries (and fails) to do the same and  towards the end Tim Robbin's character contemplates doing it. Again it's all done for laughs and everything turns out fine in the end but it's still something to think about before showing the little ones. There is one scene with some cleavage due to a low cut party dress and two scenes with kissing but nothing uncomfortable. I'd say with your language filters on Medium this movie would be fun for ages 12 and up.

Danielle'- "What's a six Letter Word for a Condition of the Hypothalamus?"
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