Do You Movie Night with the Family?

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Who Do YOU Watch Movies With?

If you’ve been around the ClearPlay blog for long chances are you’ve seen the Family Movie Night Activities and maybe even the Tweens & Teens Movie Night Activities. If you’re new around here, then let me explain: Movie Night Activities post include ideas for taking your Movie Night to the next level. You’ll find suggestions for meals and snacks that go along with the feel of the flick, things to do during the movie if you have wiggly little ones that need some help focusing and joining in the fun, activities to do before/after the movie, ways to decorate your home and even how to dress up and get into the show yourself!

These ideas can be used to spice up Movie Night, but they are also helpful when it comes to planning a themed birthday party, sleepovers, teenage date dances, play dates and more.

While these posts are made with families in mind, we would love to know if you (our fantastic readers) would be interested in other types of Movie Night Activities. We would LOVE your feedback! Anyone out there needing ideas for their next Girls Night Out? Do we have any couples out there without kids yet that would love to host a movie night for their adult friends? What do you think of the posts for families with kids? Do we need more Tweens & Teens posts?

We can’t wait to hear what you think about the posts we already have and what kind of Movie Night Activities you would like to see in the future. Remember we’re rewarding you for the feedback that we love so much; through the end of August, each time you make a comment you get an entry in the DisneyLand giveaway!

*LyndiLou* ~ ClearPlay Movie Night Activity Expert

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