Disneyland Winner!

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Movie Momhood Ain't All Just Movies and Popcorn
The hardest part of my job here (and I guess that's not saying much cause really, I watch movies, review movies, talk about movies and read about movies on this blog so how hard can it really be?) is having to randomly select only 1 winner!! I loved reading comments from everyone and hearing what everyone had to say about the movies we review and wish we could give Disneyland tickets to everyone, but alas, we cannot so...
Our winner is Jen from Tennesse who wrote this about The Eagle "Nah... I'll skip this one... or more likely I will sleep through it while my husband watches it!"
Congratulations Jen, send us an email at http://www.moviemoms@clearplay.com/ and we'll get your tickets out to you!

I feel SO bad for leaving everyone else out of the winner's circle, of one, that I'm wondering how much everyone would love to do this kind of giveaway agian? We love to give away ClearPlay players of course but this one was a super fun prize. Lets have some feedback!

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