Win Win

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Mike Flaherty is a family man, small time lawyer, and volunteer wrestling coach for a losing team. He is also broke. To supplement his income he fakes guardianship of one of his clients, the underhanded deal leading him to the troubled Kyle, estranged grandson of his client and wrestler extraordinaire. Things start looking up for Mike’s finances and wrestling team until Kyle’s troubled mother arrives and threatens to undo everything.

ClearPlay In Action!

ClearPlay cleans up an incident of mooning, but language is what clogs the movie here, including about 15 ‘F” words, 40 ‘S’ words, and about everything else you can imagine. Expect plenty of muting with filters on full.

Is Win Win a Win?…

ClearPlay rescues this movie from its potty mouth, revealing a really sweet, heartfelt story that is fun and funny. It’s a story of trust, taking responsibility, and learning to sincerely care for others, but without ClearPlay, I think the language would get in the way. Well acted and entertaining, Win Win is a good show for anyone looking for an offbeat little dramedy.

Brian Fuller—ClearPlay Assistant Wrestling Coach

Rated R for Language; 106 min; Directed By Thomas McCarthy
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