Season of the Witch

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All The Seasoning In The World Wouldn't Help

Behman is a 14th century knight with guilt issues. After standing up for what he believes in (or rather what he doesn't believe in) he and his friend Felson find themselves choosing between a death sentence and an errand of escorting a young, accused witch across the land to a monastery where she will face her own sentencing. As it turns out, they might have been better off with their first option.
Nicolas Cage again, Ugh. I can count on two fingers the number of movies I've liked him in and let me just tell you, this one was not one of them. This was one of those mindless thrillers with a few tense moments and some creepy, scary effects but a plot that's about as deep as my pockets after Christmas.
 I guess if you like that sort of thing then go for it but really, your time would be much better spent pouring lemon juice in your paper cuts or alphabetizing your bills. My husband does disagree with me, he kind of liked it, but that's only because he is part of the brain washed population who got tricked at some point (probably due to seeing Raising Arizona one too many times) into thinking Nicolas Cage is something great. The real talent in this movie is Claire Foy but she spent all her time in a cage with dirty hair giving people dirty looks. Hopefully we'll see more of her some day in better roles like she had in Little Dorrit.

Motherly Advice: I watched this with my filters up to medium on violence and disturbing images. These are the most needed filters here. I was spared some nasty close ups of plague victims and some gory fight scenes. There are non bloody battle scenes at the beginning of this movie and plenty more deaths after that. Some scary mythical creatures such as wolves who's faces kind of change before they attack and some demon type creatures at the end. There is one source of nudity at the end that is non-sexual, a woman is laying face down and you see her back, leg and hip, you might want to up your nudity filter to high if your sensitive to that. With the scary tone of the movie and the dealings with witch and demon topics even with filter cranked all the way up I'd leave this one to the adults.

Next time the hubby wants to watch a Cage film we'll be pulling out The Family Man.

Danielle'- Four Seasons Movie Mom
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