Of Gods and Men

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In Europe, American films are often referred to as “Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang,” the idea that the movies are an endless stream of sex, action, and violence. By that reckoning, the French award-winning film Of Gods and Men, is the antithesis of an American movie. Austere, slow, focusing on the human face as a window to the soul, the movie centers around Trappist monks in Algeria serving a community that is largely Muslim. When terrorist rebels kill local Croatians, the monks must decide if they should leave the country embroiled in civil war or remain serving in their calling at the peril of their lives.

ClearPlay In Action!

The deeply religious Of Gods and Men was rated PG-13, mainly for one scene of violence. ClearPlay handily edits the graphic nature of the scene, but we are told later what happened so the plot remains intact. Aside from that scene, an image of an injured corpse and a couple of profanities, the movie is ClearPlay ready. Still, many audiences, especially those accustomed to non-stop explosions, will find the movie unbearably ponderous.

Is Of Gods and Men heaven-sent or earth-bound?…

Of Gods and Men is a beautifully shot, contemplative reflection on the nature of duty and martyrdom. It’s particularly well-suited for adventurous viewers who want something different than typical American fare.

Marty Nabhan— ClearPlay Peace–nik

Rated PG-13 for a momentary scene of startling wartime violence, some disturbing images and brief language; 122 min; Directed By Xavier Beauvois

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