The Eagle

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A Personal Quest for Justice!

It’s 140 AD, a time of war and great strife. Marcus Aquila (Channing Tatum) is a young warrior and Commander of a British legion of men who has one main goal, to discover what happened twenty years ago when the 9th legion of Rome inexplicably disappeared. The commander of that lost legion was none other than Aquila’s own father. It’s now up to Marcus to bring justice to his namesake and find out what really happened over two decades ago.
Prior to renting The Eagle I had psyched myself up for a movie chalk-full of battle scenes. After watching The Eagle I was pleasantly surprised because though it’s set in war times, and there are a few battle scenes, the majority of the movie is about the main character and his quest to bring honor to his father and the lost 9th legion. Channing Tatum does a pretty good job as Marcus Aquilla but I was so disappointed that he didn’t add an accent to the character! I’m not sure why the makers of The Eagle would go to the trouble of filming the movie in Scotland, bringing such authenticity, but then skimp on either hiring an actor that can do a decent accent or paying for lessons for Channing to learn!? So don’t watch this film expecting anything on the same caliber as Braveheart, but do watch The Eagle as a refreshing and intriguing movie about a warrior with a personal mission to bring justice to his very roots.

Motherly Advice: With my filters set on medium I was really only spared a few gory sword fights. Other than that, my Clearplayer had it pretty easy because this movie is squeaky clean! Not a lot of battle scenes, however The Eagle is still set in a time that used very savage ways to torture their enemies. You won’t see the torturing, but it’s very much implied. It’s a pretty intense film and one that you definitely won’t want your younger kids viewing. I would say this movie’s target audience is for ages 17 and up.

Trisha~I give Channing Tatum two thumbs up for future roles in action films!

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