Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows-Part 2

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A Finale Worth Waiting For

The last installment of Harry Potter has arrived! Harry, Hermione, Ron and everyone else in wizard land will find themselves fighting on one side or the other in this last stand against he who does not have a nose. Will Harry ever find all the Horcruxes? Will Ron and Hermione ever work things out? Will Voldemort ever smell the sweet scent of success? I'll never tell! (Although it is rather safe to conclude that the answer is no to the latter question because of the missing nose thing.)

This Harry Potter movie was fantastic. Now, I haven't read the books so I've no idea how the film stands against the books but in my humble movie goers opinion it was the best Potter yet. The battle scenes were phenomenal in my book. Gandalf is the only wizard I've ever seen fight but he mostly used a sword so wizards fighting with wands was pretty awesome. You'd think it could be rather silly, but on the contrary my dear muggles, it was sweetness! I was tense and pumped for battle the whole way through and was not disappointed. I love that the heroism didn't just come from Harry alone, it was a group effort and everyone got to partake in the heroic acts of...heroism and spared us the cheesy applause at the end.

 Really, really great, I think everyone should take their chance and see this one in theaters.

Motherly Advice: Although this one is just as dark as any of the others there is no naked kissing scenes, so that's a plus right there. There was however, lots of fighting, lots of death and one really gruesome death-by-snake scene. *Spoiler Alert* You just might want a heads up here because the scene where a character dies, while not gory was incredibly brutal. You see and hear his body being banged up against a window as the snake strikes to kill him over and over. It made me cringe every time I heard it. Ick! *Spoiler over*
I actually caught one swear word (that wasn't a strictly British curse word). ClearPlay would clean this Potter up a bit from violence and that one swear word but I think everyone ages 13 and up should go see it in theaters at least once.

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