The Lincoln Lawyer

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Mick Haller runs his legal practice out of the back of his Lincoln, defending the dredges and low–lifes of society from prosecution. He’s slick and successful, but pays a personal price. When a colleague offers him a lucrative opportunity to defend a young, wealthy realtor from an attempted murder charge, he sees dollar signs and takes it, only to find his earnest client isn’t as innocent as he claims.

ClearPlay In Action!

This is a gritty crime and courtroom drama. ClearPlay jumps in to clear up a pile of language, a couple of sexual scenes (neither necessary or missed), and violent and disturbing images dealing with two attacks against women. While the film cleans up fairly well, the crimes have a sexual component talked about in the courtroom scenes and is for mature audiences only.

Does this Movie Need to Lawyer Up?…

I like a good courtroom drama and crime story, and The Lincoln Lawyer fits the bill nicely, especially with ClearPlay to take the edge off the grittier parts. There is a host of well drawn characters, notable among them Matthew McConaughey filling Mick’s suave, charismatic role to perfection. There are twists and surprises enough to keep you guessing, and the tension really kicks in after the crime is solved. Recommended for fans of legal dramas and suspenseful crime stories.

Brian Fuller— ClearPlay Ford Explorer Lawyer

Rated R for some violence, sexual content and language; 118 min; Directed By Brad Furman
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