X-Men: First Class

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Say 'Cheese'!

Ever wondered how Magneto and Charles Xavier seem to have such an intimate knowledge of one another and yet be such mortal enemies? You'll find out in X-Men: First Class just what went so sourly wrong with these two past BFF's. Sounds like a soap opera beginning I know, but throw in some super powers and a sweet set of uniforms and you've got a new X-Men trilogy on your hands.

I'm a big X-Men fan, of all comic book movies this series is one of my favorites. I was a tad disappointed with this latest 'back-story' version, especially since James McAvoy and recently Michael Fassbender are top notch actors in my Book of Top Notch Actors (sorry, this book is not available at book stores). The story was ok, the action was ok, the jokes were ok but mostly super cheesy. This one gets a big shoulder shrug and an "Eh," from me.

Motherly Advice: This X-Men movie has lots and lots of women in their underwear. One scene has twenty or so of these scantily clad women mingling with rich men at a party, another is in a strip club and yet another is in a brief bedroom scene. I didn't expect all that near-nudity in an X-Men movie. Plus some close shots of a younger Mystique, which, although she is blue and sort of scaly, leaves little to the imagination. Implied premarital sex , a handful of swear words and one 'F' word (produced by none other than Wolverine himself for the 5 seconds he was there) will swiftly be cleaned up by ClearPlay. I'd wait for this one to come out on DVD if I were you so you can filter out the language and Victoria's Secret promotions.

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