Skipped Flicks- Benny and Joon

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Happy Birthday, Johnny Depp--June 9th!

Good-hearted Benny (Aiden Quinn) does his best to take care of his sister Joon--who seems normal, most of the time. But Joon (Mary Stewart Masterson) has tantrums, anxiety attacks, and "pyro" episodes that make it impossible for him to leave her by herself--or to have a life of his own. Then along comes Sam--(Johnny Depp) a very talented, very quirky fellow who is just as fascinated by Joon as she is by him and so...they fall in love. Brother Benny is beside himself trying to find the balance between keeping is sister safe and allowing her to find her own path to happiness.

This is one of Mr. Depp's finest, sweetest films from his very early days. No drunk, blundering pirate here, but instead a deeply sensitive, adorable character who seems to channel Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin--effortlessly. Who knew?

Motherly Advice: A few swear words and a skinless bedroom scene will tidy up nicely with ClearPlay. After that, this tender movie led to some good discussion about treatment of the mentally challenged adult and those who love and care for them. It was lovely.

Launi--Movie Mom and Johnny Depp's girlfriend in another, really.

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