Skipped Flicks- Adventures in Babysitting

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Every Parent's Nightmare

Pretty, 17 year old Chris Parker's plans have changed. Her dream date's been canceled and instead, she's babysitting for the Andersons. Expecting a boring night, she settles in with her charges--a Thor obsessed preteen, the 15 year old, "I'm-in-love-with-the-babysitter" brother, and his creepy, hormone infused friend. But then she gets a frantic call from her BFF who's stranded in a rat infested bus station with a bunch of crazy people. Chris and the kids survive a blow-out, car thieves, gang wars, being kidnapped, being hijacked, a rescue, and a mad chase through downtown Chicago. BUT--
can they still beat the parents back home?

This was a cute enough--although incredibly unrealistic--story that could lead to some good discussion on what a rational babysitter should have done. The subplot is also based around the bad-guys chasing after notes written inside a raunchy magazine and ClearPlay won't be able to do anything about that. Luckily, the pictures don't show anything anyway. ClearPlay will, however, get rid of the swearing and just about everything the sex obsessed neighbor kid does. With that, I would say Adventures In Babysitting is a safe, silly romp for the whole family.

Launi- Don't "mess" with the babysitter!

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