Gnomeo & Juliet

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We all know the story, but this adaptation of Shakespeare’s tragedy about star-crossed lovers gets a comedic overhaul as two garden gnomes (yes, the ceramic ones) from rival houses fall in love and must overcome the animosity of their respective tribes (blue and red) to get together.

ClearPlay In Action!

You’d think with a G rating, Gnomeo & Juliet would be a garden party for ClearPlay to edit. Still, there is some rude humor and adult references, though most are in code (i.e.“kiss some grass,” “I love going commando”). ClearPlay cuts the most obvious double entendres, but some remain that I suppose only those with the dirtiest minds would get (thank you very much). Edited, it’s appropriate for the whole family.

Wherefore art thou kitschy?…

You would think a movie based on lawn ornaments of dubious taste would somehow seem cheap, but Gnomeo & Juliet is very aware of its kitschiness. The jokes fly fast, the soundtrack is full of familiar Elton John hits (“Crocodile Rock,” “Saturday Night’s All Right for Fighting”), and the characters are somewhat charming. This isn’t one you’ll just want to foist on the kids; stick around and have some fun yourself. Sure this is Gnomeo instead of Romeo, but it still smells sweet. After all, as Shakespeare asked, “What’s in a gname?”

Marty Nabhan— ClearPlay Green Thumb

Rated G; 84 min; Directed By Kelly Asbury
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