Harold and Maude

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The Greatest Movie of All Time!

Ha! April Fools!!
 Whenever I think of the worst movie I've ever seen that one comes to mind. I'm sure I've seen plenty of movies that are worse than Harold and Maude but that one just sticks with me as the most horrible thing I've ever seen (although my wonderful sister who made me watch it would certainly say otherwise since it's one of her favorites). So, on this day of April 1st I thought it would be fun to hear what the worst movies you've ever seen are. To lure answers out of you we're going to award a random worst movie ever commenter with this sweet Intex Inflatable Lounge Chair (with ottoman). These things are pretty darn comfortable, plus it's got a cup holder so really, need I say more?

So, leave a comment here telling us what the worst/dumbest movie you've ever seen is. This giveaway will end on April 4, 2011 at Midnight and then the winner will be announced on Arpil 5, 2011.

Now don't get your feelings hurt if your favorite movie is on someone else's list of worst movies, you're welcome to stick up for it. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if my sister calls me today (or leaves a scathing comment) to give me a piece of her mind!
Now bring on the Foolish Movies!!

Danielle'-Nick and Nora's Ultimate Playlist Might Be Down There With Harold and Maude

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