The Switch

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Or, The Hijack

Kassie Larsen (Jennifer Aniston) has had no luck in meeting that perfect someone to start a family with, but her biological clock is ticking...loudly. When she announces that she is going to get pregnant via artificial insemination, her neurotic/hypochondriac best friend Wally (Jason Bateman) is very much against it. During the 'Insemination Party' he manages to get completely drunk and 'hijacks her pregnancy'. Unfortunately, the next morning (and the next seven years) he can't remember anything about it. Confused about what hijacking a pregnancy means? Watch this movie and trust me, you'll find out.

Despite the completely inappropriate premise of the story this movie was pretty fun. Jennifer Aniston plays her usual character (actually her only character) so the real entertainment in this movie comes from Jason Batemen. Where has he been all my life? I don't watch Arrested Development so I've only really seen him in Juno (and he was a very unlovable character). In The Switch he plays this deathly honest, neurotic kind of dork who doesn't have a clue about love, kids or people in general. Batemen is so easy and natural on the screen that I never, ever feel like I'm watching him act. I guess that comes from growing up on the screen? Anyway, you'll hardly notice Jennifer at all with him in this role and appearances by Juliette Lewis, Jeff Goldblum and Patrick Wilson (anyone else expect him to start singing All I Ask of You at any given moment?) What you will notice is some funny dialogue, fun banter with a 6 year old kid and annoying parenting skills.

Motherly Advice: The entire first quarter of this film is a bit uncomfortable and I'm going to spell it out for you so you know what to expect when deciding if this is appropriate for teens. I had my filters set to medium but even so ClearPlay filters couldn't cut out all of the sensual content in this first part. The scene that sets up the plot for the whole movie is when Wally gets drunk and slightly drugged and switches the sperm donor's...donation, with his own. You really don't see anything but the implications of what he's going to do and does are crystal clear. I think this movie could be O.K. for mature teens maybe 18 and over accompanied by some candid discussion about the subject matter involved.

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