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I saw Secretariat race. At that time in my life, I was a TV sports junkie and I watched everything, including all legs of the Triple Crown in 1973. Though I couldn’t appreciate his accomplishments much then, the movie Secretariat does a nice job of setting the stage for the feat of the fleetest feet in the history of horseracing. Diane Lane plays the part of Secretariat’s owner, a housewife who inherited the horse training operation. Driven by her determination as well as her love of the horse, she follows her instincts and gambles everything that Secretariat can win the Triple Crown.

ClearPlay In Action!

The MPAA rated Secretariat PG for brief mild language. ClearPlay removes about 25 such instances of language, including almost 20 religious exclamations and a crude anatomical reference.

How does Secretariat perform down the stretch?…

Secretariat does just fine approaching the wire, but it’s the set–up that gets tedious. Overblown dialogue, over–the–top performances, and some cutesy characters make some of the movie’s more dramatic moments a bit precious. But this is, after all, billed as a family movie, so the lack of subtlety can be understood. The action scenes are handled nicely, and it was still moving to see the greatest racing story of my lifetime unfold. All things considered, Secretariat is a winner … by a nose.

Marty Nabhan— ClearPlay Track Hound
Rated PG for brief mild language.; 123 min; Directed By Randall Wallace

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