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Retired black ops agent Frank Moses just wants to have a normal life and maybe start a relationship with a nice woman he talks to on the phone about his pension. Then someone has to send an army after him to try to kill him. To save his own skin he gets his old team back together to find who ordered the hit and to show why they are all still Retired and Extremely Dangerous.

ClearPlay In Action!

Red is PG–13 for violence and language. ClearPlay trims out a few instances of the more disturbing violence, but largely this film has a lot of bullets flying around not hitting anyone. An F word and a host of religious exclamations and other swear words are trimmed out. With filters, Red would be appropriate for teens and up.

Will this Movie Have Me Seeing Red?…

Red is a tongue–in–cheek action comedy that drags out a host of mature actors I haven’t seen in a major Hollywood production in a while. The cast seems aimed at attracting the older set, but there’s fun to be had for all ages. Red can be funny and entertaining, but everyone in the film seems so nonchalant that you never feel a sense of momentum or urgency. So if you’re content not to sit on the edge of your seat and indulge seasoned actors in some corny moments, give Red a try.

Brian Fuller— ClearPlay Working and Not Dangerous Reviewer
Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of action violence and brief strong language.; 111 min; Directed By Robert Schwentke

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