Family Movie Night Activity-Remember the Titans

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Remember the night you watched The Titans!

When players and coaches alike are forced together through high school integration, no one is sure the team will ever be cohesive, let alone successful. Watch and see how this team pulls together to play a season to remember, make changes that matter and create friendships that last a lifetime. Cheer for the Titans on and off the field with this edition of Family Movie Night Activity.
You can also use some of these ideas for your Super Bowl party coming up.
Movie Snacks:
*Football is the name of the game, so break out the game day snacks! Finger food, chips and dip, popcorn, sandwiches, nachos… anything you need to enjoy this movie like you would a real football game.
*There's a clip that shows the Titans eating big waffles. They fold them up and eat them in one bite. Cook up some waffles and see if anyone in your family can eat a whole waffle like the Titans do.
*Make sugar cookies shaped like footballs and jerseys. Let your family decorate them with icing. Be sure to make some jerseys with the numbers of your favorite players on them!

*When Louie gets up and tells everyone some facts about his team mate “Rev” stop the movie and break up into partners. Learn something new about your partner and share it with the rest of your family.
*Get up and dance along with the guys in the locker room when they’re singing to “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”. Later in the movie stop and replay the scene where they dance out onto the field. Try to learn the “We Are The Titans” song and dance, so you can warm up right along with the team!

Other Activities:
*An important part of playing on a football team is staying active and alert. Get a few different candy bars that each of your family members like. Pick a word like “football” or “team” and each time you hear that word, pass the candy bar to the left. When the movie ends, everyone gets to keep whichever treat they ended up with!
*Decorate your living room with red and white streamers and pendants to get your Titan team spirit on!
*Julius and Gary cheer during practice “Left side! Strong side!” Try eating dinner and doing everything you can with your left hand (if you’re already left-handed, try it with your right) and see if you can get your left side to be a little stronger!

*LyndiLou* Movie Mom and Football Fan

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