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Paul Conroy (Ryan Reynolds) wakes up in a wooden box buried in the ground with no knowledge of exactly how he got there or who put him there. Bound and gagged, he has to struggle to try to get free with only a zippo lighter and an unfamiliar cell phone as his tools.

ClearPlay In Action!

Buried is rated R for language. There are many instances of the F word and other profanities. The movie ClearPlays nicely, but the subject matter and a couple of disturbing events make this one more appropriate for older teens and up.

Should This Film Be Buried?…

Buried is a clever work of art that can be enjoyed for the ambition of what is attempted. The movie takes place entirely within the confines of a box underground that is little bigger than a coffin. Ryan Reynolds does a superb job of taking us through the emotions and struggles of someone in a literal and figurative tight spot, and certain events act as a subtle commentary about how we value human life. Buried is more of a concept piece than a standard Hollywood movie, but it is well done and worth a look.

Brian Fuller— ClearPlay Reviewer in a Box

Rated R for language and some violent content.; 95 min; Directed By Rodrigo Cort├ęs
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