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Raise your hand if you love a great story!
Or if you love a great heroine.
Or a great hero.
How about great humor?
If your hand is up, then Tangled is the movie for YOU. This one is a Disney must see for you and your kids (whatever the age or maturity level). Rapunzel is adorable, fun, inventive, quirky, lovable and great with a frying pan. Flynn Rider was laughably conceited, heroically criminal and also pretty top notch with a frying pan. The animal friends were new, comical and classically unrealistic. The storyline was light and unpredictable and because I found the unpredictability part of it's charm, I'm not going to include a synopsis on this one. All you need to know is
it's Rapunzel, she has long magical hair and is stuck in a tower. You already know that much and it's all you need going in.

Disney has kind of been on the brink of disappointing lately but they're back on top with Tangled. This one will fit on your shelves right next to Sleeping Beauty, Robin Hood, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast (have I missed any of your favorites?)

Motherly Advice: Take your kids!! This is a rare cartoon classic that has very little in the way of 'scary' images. There is a 'witchy woman' in it, but you don't see too much of her as a witch. One of the ending scenes may be a little bit intense when the 'witchy woman' changes back into her old unnatural self and then falls out of the tower window. However, when her cloak hits the ground she has already disintegrated and therefore you do not see her body fall to it's death because she's already gone. My 4 year old son is very sensitive to scary sequences in movies and he didn't bat an eyelash in this one.
This Disney movie is a classic example of story telling at it's best! It's a must see!

Danielle'-Looking For The Lanterns On My Next Birthday!

P.S. I loved what slc said in the comments about this movie "For me the theme was the power of selfishness to hurt and the power of selflessness to heal." Nicely put.

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