Step Up 3

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Only to be watched….in 3D!

Have you ever caught yourself dancing in the kitchen while cooking dinner? Cutting a rug while getting ready for the day? Or “car dancing” to your favorite song while in the carpool lane? If so then you are considered a B-F-A-B: Born From A Boom-box, a common thing amongst all of the dancers from Step Up 3.
Upon arriving at freshman orientation, Moose (Adam Savani) is almost immediately challenged to “Step-Up” to a dance off with a fellow student. He wins and is scooped up to join Luke’s (Rick Malambri) dance team, The Pirates. They live together, dance together, and compete in high-stakes competitions together. As the World Dance Jam draws nearer, tensions will rise as the Pirates find out that in order to save their house and club they must win the grand prize worth $100,000! In the end it will come down to the Pirates and their archenemies, The House of Samarai.

Step Up 3 has amazing dance sequences but it’s the dancing in 3D that make the movie beyond amazing. I’m incredibly bummed that I didn’t see this one on the “big” screen because let me just say, having just rented it and watched it on my plain ol’ 2D HD TV, two thumbs down. The acting was terrible, the storyline weak followed by the dialogue, which was even weaker! The dancing was impressive and fun to watch but not worth the agony of having to watch the rest of it. If you do have a 3D television and like to watch dancing, then this would be a “must rent”. You’ll know what I mean when you see the ultra talented dancers slosh around in water, or the costumes adorned in LED lights during the final competition. But if you are like me and aren’t lucky enough to have a 3D TV, then stick with watching yourself dance while making dinner, getting ready for the day, or waiting in the carpool lane.

Motherly Advice: I had my filters set on medium and was pleasantly surprised with how few “skips” there were! The most offensive thing that Step Up 3D had was the dance club/bar scenes and even those were actually quite clean. The dancing wasn’t even provocative, just extremely talented dancing sequences. Some of the costumes were revealing and there were a few kissing scenes so I would recommend this movie for 13 and up.

Trisha~Curious to know how YOU like to dance!
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