Family Movie Night Activity-The Santa Clause

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Seeing Isn't Believing, Believing is Seeing!

Scott Clavin is a work-aholic, divorced Dad who gets forced into embracing the true Christmas spirit when he winds up being the new Santa Claus. He and his son visit the North Pole, deliver presents and then have to learn to juggle real-life along with Santa life! It can be hard fitting in when you're Santa and no one knows it! You won't have to force anyone into having fun with these Family Movie Night Activities!

Movie Snacks:* When Scott burns dinner, he and Charlie eat at a restaurant instead of at home. It turns out the restaurant is out of a LOT of their first choices. You don't have to miss out though! Serve eggnog, chocolate milk and apple pie to make up for the burnt Christmas Turkey.
* Judy the Elf serves the new Santa some delicious hot cocoa that's taken her 1,200 years to get just right. Enjoy some hot cocoa with your family while you watch the rest of the movie.
* When Scott is doing Santa's job, before he's accepted his new role in life, he grumpily tells a little girl that he's lactose intolerant. The next year when he comes to visit, she's left out soy milk for him. Have a taste test with milk and soy milk and see which your family prefers to go with their cookies.

Must Pause Moments:* When Scott and Charlie are on the roof and meet the reindeer for the first time, pause the movie and see if you and your family can name all of Santa's reindeer. (In case you're not sure, I'll help you out with the answers: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner Blitzen and Rudolph.) Now imagine if each of you had a magic reindeer and choose your own name for it.
* Laura and Neal reminisce about the Christmas gift's they did and didn't get. Stop the movie for a minute and let everyone pick the favorite gift they've received, given and even what they're hoping for now.
* When Santa gets arrested the Police Officer is asking his name and he responds with multiple different versions of Santa Claus. Take a minute to look up what they call Santa Claus in different countries and different languages.

Other Activities:* The adventure begins when Scott puts on the Santa Suit. Dress up like Santa, or at least wear a Santa hat, or even dress up like an elf (with sparkles and everything) while you all enjoy the show.
* Since cookies are such an important part of Santa's diet, why not make some cookies for your family to not only eat, but to decorate while they watch the movie. You could make extra and share with neighbors too.
* Now that you've seen what the North Pole is like, write letters to Santa with your family and send them on their way to the jolly Big Guy himself!

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